Junior Finance Manager (m/f)


itembase GmbH

From Junior Finance Manager to CFO or Founder of your own Company?

That’s the career path we’re looking to make a reality for our coming Junior Finance Manager. As you might imagine that's not going to come easy. If it would be easy everyone could do it. That’s not what we call viking.

We are itembase, a Berlin and San Francisco based company enabling the future of e-commerce and conquering the world Viking Style. Working with industry leaders like Mastercard, UPS, Lightspeed or Magento and backed by investors and founders of billion dollar companies we’re on a mission to connect all the companies of the e-commerce world in order to provide consumers with an amazing purchasing experience.

Please read up on the details of what we’re doing online and make sure to read all: the good, the bad and the ugly. Your first task, if you get an invite for a interview, is to present to us what our business is about below the surface.

Your daily tasks:

We’ll want to work with you on all finance related topic and a little more. The exciting stuff like Fundraising, the boring stuff like Accounting, the challenging stuff like analysis and insights, the customer facing stuff like invoicing and the annoying stuff like supplier negotiations. Afterall the highlevel work process is pretty simple.

1.     Gather information

Get all the information collected from internal and external stakeholders.

2.     Standardize and Structure the Data

Collect and standardized all the information into a simple central data storage (e.g. Excel, a Tool or a DB). 

3.     Report the relevant data to stakeholder on deadline.

Create relevant stats, reportings and other output based on the requirements of stakeholders like investors, co-workers, suppliers, customers, government etc.

Your team:

You’ll be reporting directly to our Captain (CEO) and our US based CFO Team, but you’ll be working with the full team in Berlin in all it’s aspects from Sales over Tech to Product and HR. And of course you’ll have to work with Investors, Suppliers, Customers, Government relations as well as our Cleaning staff and our coffee machine. 

The perfect Viking Finance Manager brings 3 things:

1.     Let Data work for you.

We want you to become worldclass at working with data, structuring data and getting data to work for you. If you’re not able to get data to work for you, even a robot will take your job. As a matter of fact we’re building one of these robots for the ecommerce and account space and expect you to be able to lead it.

2.     Present and Negotiate

Present data in an easy-understandable way and negotiating with different stakeholders based on the data you gathered and presented. The edges of data will always be handle by humans and if you can’t negotiate properly around your data your data wont matter.

3.     Learning and Life Goals.

You have clear Goals for your life and a talent for learning what is needed to achieve these goals. With the rate of development of society learning rapidly beats skills any day.

Your Suit of armor: 

  • Off-the-charts analytical and Microsoft Excel skills. 
  • Ability to find, connect and make all kind of Software Tools work for you based on the data you’ve collected and structured. If you can connect Close.io with Freshbooks through Zapier, you’re are a role viking. 
  • University degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or a comparable education might be relevant. Honestly, we don’t really care about that. Finance is about structuring and standardizing data. If that’s what you love without a finance background yet we we’ll love the different perspectives you bring.
  • Relevant experience in working with data and creating understandable insights out of data for different stakeholders.
  • You think logically and know that putting company goals before your personal goals is the logical thing to do and will ultimate lead to achieving your personal goals quicker.
  • German and English fluency/confidence in both writing and speaking. If you convince us that you will take on all negotiations with German Public institutions, suppliers and customers with no minimized outcome, we might skip the German requirements.
  • 20 years work experience and maximum 23 years old. We’ve written many of these job ads, they never say much anyway. It’s not about the years of experience or the age, it’s about the attitude. 19 or 99 years old doesn’t matter. Bear in mind that it is a junior position, so we expect you to become 10 times better in the first year.

Our Commitment. We’ll be successful if our Company goals are hit AND if you become 10 times better every years you work with us, so you can get closer to achieving your life goals. We can give you the environment, challenges and guidance to achieve this, but we can’t do it for you. If you want to conquer the world ages before Columbus – we have the ship and the crew. And of course: Whatever we will find in the new world, if you be part of the journey you’ll also be part of the success (an ESOP is only one of these old world stuff we have on board as well). 

Still here? Thats what we call Viking.

Now we really interested in you, ‘cause if you’re still reading you might survive an interview with us. Show us that you’re worth to get your own Viking Helmet.